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Bottom line, Obamacare is an unconstitutional Marxist boondoggle that will destroy our nation

October 2, 2013


Via Free Republic

Neither health care or insurance are enumerated powers for the central government to be involved in or control. Period. They are clearly reserved to the states and the people by the constitution. Doesn’t matter how poor people are or how sick. The federal government has no constitutional power to intervene.

The democrats can rant and rave and present millions of sob stories about sick people, but that does not change the constitution. We’re now going to have millions of sob stories from closed businesses, from people who lose their jobs, from people who have their hours and pay reduced and lose access to healthcare altogether. Obamacare will cause more damage to the free economy and cause more people to lose their healthcare than who gain. All while increasing the costs and reducing quality and eventually bankrupting the insurance companies. It’s impossible for free enterprise to succeed in a socialist environment with government subsidies. You’re going to have one or the other. Socialism or freedom.

Obamacare is spread-the-wealth-around Marxism (socialism). We’re going to take from those who have and give to those who don’t. And many of those you take it from will lose all. If self-employed, many will lose their business or can’t grow their business. Many of the currently employed will lose pay, lose jobs, lose their homes, lose their families and lose their healthcare.

Most of those who receive healthcare under this socialist program will remain poor. They won’t get a job. They won’t build a business. They won’t get an education. They will remain on the government dole. They and their children will remain dependent on the government plantation, many times generation after generation. Socialism promotes long-term poverty and dependence.

Socialist healthcare will destroy the healthcare industry. Sorry, democrats, but profit makes the world go ’round. Remove the profit motive by controlling payments for services, you cut the quality of service. Just a given. Dump a flood of millions of additional patients into a declining industry, you get scarcity, delay, reduced quality, rationing, and eventually death panels. It happens in every country that tries it. Just a fact of life.

The socialist Obamacare does not improve any problem. It makes it worse. Would be far better to abide by the constitution and keep the feds out. The constitution leaves healthcare to the states and the people. If there are any federal laws restricting free trade in healthcare, they should be stricken from the books. Let the states and insurance companies compete nationwide. Get a handle on the ambulance chasers and the lawsuit shakedown industry. Offer some sort of incentive for personal healthcare accounts. Work with states and local governments to build charity hospitals and walk-in clinics for the poor. The poor and or uninsurable should not be turned away, but we shouldn’t shred our constitution or turn our entire society upside down to insure them either. Healthcare for the poor or sick who cannot possibly pay has always been funded by charity or local governments and that’s the way it should be. If the feds would keep its nose out of affairs where it has no constitutional authority, there might be more room for state and local governments and charities to pick up the slack.

Furthermore, Obamacare destroys the constitutional limits on government. It sets the SCOTUS approved precedent that there are no limits whatsoever on what the government can force on the people, nor any individual right that cannot be violated, nor any states right that cannot be violated. The central government is all powerful. That’s totally upside down and inside out.

And it also eliminates the separation of powers. It allows the president and the SCOTUS to rewrite legislation without congressional input or approval.

It in fact, nullifies our constitution and bill of rights and turns America into a benevolent dictatorship.





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