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IRS’ Lois Lerner Retires

September 24, 2013



Via Newsmax


Image: IRS' Lois Lerner Retires


Lois Lerner, the Internal Revenue Service official at the center of the tea party targeting scandal, has retired, the agency confirmed Monday. 

The IRS said in a statement that due to privacy reasons, it could not say any more about Lerner’s announcement to retire.

Lerner oversaw the IRS division that reviews and approves applications for tax-exempt status when the IRS reportedly was putting conservative and tea party groups seeking non-profit status through a more stringent and strenuous process than other groups. 

She revealed the scandal after she was asked a question while speaking at a law conference in May, which turned out to be a plant she had met with the day before.

The former IRS official was put on administrative leave in May the day after she testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee when she said that she had done nothing wrong, but boldly refused to answer any questions taking her Fifth Amendment rights not to incriminate herself under the Constitution.

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