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Ben Bernanke is Single-Handedly Propping Up the Obama Administration

September 24, 2013



Via Rush Limbaugh

Ben Bernanke is Single-Handedly Propping Up the Obama Administration


RUSH: At some point it’s gotta stop, and then what?  Nobody knows. But the odds are that it’s not gonna be pretty.

RUSH: This priming of the pump that Bernanke continues to do. There are a number of things that puzzle me by it, but the first thing is, Bernanke and the Fed. The report that they gave yesterday before announcing that they’re gonna continue all of this printing of money, was that the economy is unstable, that the economy is actually weak.  Yet everywhere I look in the media, I keep hearing about a roaring recovery.  I keep hearing about, “Why aren’t there any new jobs, because, look! The economy’s coming back, and profits are soaring.” 

We just had that story in the Drive-By Media yesterday about how wonderful the economy’s doing. Well, here comes the chairman of the Federal Reserve saying, “Oh, no it’s not, and if we don’t continue to pump $1 trillion a year into it, it’s gonna plunge.”  So this economy is being artificially propped up.  Now, here’s the thing about this, folks.  Everything in life can be habit forming.  So the Federal Reserve is essentially printing $1 trillion every year.



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