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September 20, 2013


I found this on Free Republic. If you haven’t been to that site, you should check it out…



At one time, I viewed Obama as indolent and slothful. I used to say, “If Adolph Hitler had been as lazy as Barack Obama, the 1940’s would have been a pretty nice decade.”

But observation has proven my premise wrong. Obama is not lazy, not in the slightest. In fact, the mental image Obama most evokes is mad jackrabbit on crack. He may go on numerous vacations, and play countless rounds of golf, but he is an extremely busy and very involved President. It is what he is busy on and involved in that is the problem:


  1. He’s busy nearly starting a nuclear war with Russia to oust Assad in Syrian (citation)
  2. AND destroying the American medical system with his Obamacare (citation)(citation)
  3. AND trying to collapse the American economy with debt-limit increases (citation)
  4. AND trying to take guns from American citizens (citation)
  5. AND trying to price energy out of Americans reach by attacking coal plants (citation)
  6. AND overwhelming the military and lowering their morale with outrageous edicts (citation)
  7. AND trying to water down traditional American voters by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens (citation)
  8. AND trying to spy on every American using the National Security Administration and the collection of all electronic and phone transmissions (citation) (citation)
  9. AND getting our diplomats killed in Benghazi by running illegal weapons to Syria (citation)(citation)
  10. AND repeatedly doing end-runs around Congress in an entirely unconstitutional manner (citation) (citation)
  11. AND destabilizing every Middle East country so he can install every Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Extremist he can (citation)
  12. AND trying to overburden the social and charitable structures in America by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens (citation)
  13. AND using the IRS to intimidate anyone who opposes him (citation)
  14. AND trying to collapse the dollar by printing far too many of them (citation)
  15. AND ignoring written laws to arm terrorists (citation)
  16. AND trying to collapse American businesses by excessively regulating them with the Environmental Protection Agency (citation)
  17. AND building a private army of SWAT-gear clad units from every single agency (citation)
  18. AND running guns to drug gangs in Mexico (citation)
  19. AND trying to destroy small businesses with Obamacare regulatory burdens (citation)
  20. AND destroy the American military by defunding and discontinuing every manner of defense program (citation)
  21. AND creating a shadow ‘parallel government’ with numerous ‘czars’ that answer to no one but him (citation)
  22. AND trying to change the workweek into a 30-hour standard (because everyone is covered by mandatory insurance requirments who has more that 30 hours) (citation)
  23. AND alienating all of our allies (like Israel and Great Britain) (citation)
  24. AND offering to Russia to have ‘flexibilty’ in dismantling our nuclear weapons (citation)
  25. AND presiding over the worst economic recovery in decades (citation)
  26. AND ignoring written laws to implement his amnesty agenda (citation)
  27. AND destroying the National Aeronautic and Space Administration by making them focus on everything except space exploration (citation)
  28. AND driving up ammunition costs by buying up all the surplus ammunition (citation)
  29. AND trying to stir up a race war by repeatedly interjecting himself into high-profile race-related criminal cases (citation)(citation)

I admit it. I used to call Obama slothful. I take it back, he is the single most energetic, destructive tornado of evil I have ever witnessed.

He is a mad jackrabbit on crack.



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  1. September 22, 2013 2:59 am

    Worse than Carter? That doesn’t even begin to describe. Worse than Carter with an evil twist.

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