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News on Al ‘I Invented The Internet’ Gore

September 14, 2013


The latest headlines via Drudge Report

Earth Gains Record Amount of Sea Ice In 2013…

…Al Gore Predicted Arctic Ice Could Disappear…

New UN report lowers estimates on global warming…


 Not for nuthin’, but this Al Gore guy has to be either the stupidest, or greediest person in the world.

 I’m gonna go with greedy. I’ve been keeping an eye on that idiot for quite some time now. 

Flashback: 2009


Al Gore Drops Copenhagen After Proven a Fraud ala Climategate

December 4th, 2009

Al Gore is shouted down at every book signing he goes to now that the public is armed with the truth about the global warming scam due to Climategate uncovering that the data Al Gore referenced all came from faking the numbers while trying to destroy the careers of honest climate scientists. He even cancelled his Copenhagen money fest because he is in a complete breakdown as to what to do next.

Don’t worry, he’ll come back and try to be a bully and puff up when anyone confronts him, but it’s too late, he’s been exposed as a complete fraud commited to spread the lies of global warming in order to line his pockets with billions of Americans tax dollars through his alliance with Kleiner PerkinsHara, and other profit motive schemes.

More here:




What were you saying Al?



More hot air…  That’s what I thought….  loser

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