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From the ‘What The Heck Is Going On??’ files….

September 10, 2013


 I swear, it seems like America is getting turned upside down more and more by the day….

Via: MrConservative

D.C. Denies Patriotic Bikers Permit to Rally On Sept. 11, But Allows Muslims To March

We reported about these twin stories weeks ago; one on the planned Sept. 11 Million Muslim March on Washington DC and the response to that rally planned by patriotic bikers intending to get two million bikers to Washington. Well, now a new wrinkle to the story is out with the city of Washington DC deciding to deny the bikers a permit even as they allow the terror-approver’s march to take place.

(See also: Obama Doing Surveillance Everywhere —- Except Mosques (Seriously))

The Million Muslim March is being planned by a group calling itself the American Muslim Political Action Committee and is nothing less than an effort to stick a terror-supporting finger in American’s collective eye. There is no possible reason to hold a Muslim-supporting event on the very day their cohorts murdered thousands of Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. No other reason unless they want to rub America’s nose in that act of terror.

So, with this undeniable fact in mind, a group of patriotic American bikers decided they would hold their own rally as an answer to these terror-loving Muslims. They announced plans to hold a two million biker rally to show these Muslims that America won’t stand still and take their hateful rally sitting down.

But now the city of DC is denying the bikers a permit for their America-loving rally.

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