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And Now, A Word From The Left

September 10, 2013


 I did a search on ‘Liberal News’ just to see what the liberals were talking about around the web. I try to read as much as I can, so I can get both sides of the issues. I came across ‘OpEdNews’ which proclaims itself as Progressive, Tough, Liberal.

 It seems even Obama’s buddies are realizing that he isn’t all about peace, love and making everything all better.

 I hope the liberals can see him for the wolf in sheeps clothing that he is, before it’s too late…

Via: OpEdNews

Syria Distraction Gone, What Will Obama Use to Cover Passage of TPP or a Comparable Sneak Attack on the Middle Class?

Oh, sure, AIPAC and Israel were lobbying hard for an attack on Syria, to soften Assad so the conflict could continue. But I think there’s more at stake here. Obama’s been sitting on the Trans Pacific Partnership, one of the biggest threats to American freedom and the middle class in recent history. He’s ready to get that abomination passed. 

He’s gearing up to appoint Larry Summers, a total economic monster, probably a criminal, and at least the enemy of the middle class and the ninety nine percent, to head the Federal Reserve. 
I’m sure there are more. Obama will use this term to assure himself the same success that Bill Clinton has had, even bigger, so he will, ten years from his exit, be another billionaire. To do that, he just has to sell out the people who voted for him and trusted him. 
This Syrian distraction could have been a useful tool for sliding ugly, disgusting, anti-middle class policy into place.  It would probably come sliding in, under the radar, on a Friday late afternoon, when politicians and the White House have a history of sneaking things past a public not paying attention. 
I know there are Democrats who still don’t see Obama for the vile fraud that he is, for the war criminal and bankster ally who has done as much or more damage than George W. Bush and his right wing predecessors. But I believe we must be highly vigilant for the rest of Obama’s lame duck term in office to watch out for many efforts to change the laws and to grab greater power for the executive office– at the expense of the ninety-nine percent and the middle class, even, one could say, at the expense of the future of a viable USA economy. 
We’ve already seen the crop of 2016 Neocon Democrats we can expect to start showing up in Iowa– Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Their service in this Syria conversation makes it clear that they are not friends of the middle class, or really, even, of America. 
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