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Barack Obama: A Total Disgrace

September 1, 2013
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I ask myself if Barry could be any more disgusting.

Yep, more so by the day…..

He says he’s had a ‘change of heart’….

Via: Drudge Report

Seeks Authorization for Strike…
Change of heart after taking walk…

BS…  He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s gotten us in a pickle and now he’s gonna dump it on congress, which is mostly Republican, so he can say;

“Not MY fault!”

Obama is showing me more and more that he is an enemy of the U.S. He has weakened our military, made us look like fools and made us even more hated by the rest of the world…

Obama Cuts Military, Boosts UN Spending to $3.6 Billion

Confusion, Anger and Mockery as Obama Delays Plan

Syrian state-run daily calls Obama move a retreat

Putin sees chance to turn tables on Obama at G20





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