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Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

April 6, 2012

From thereligionofpeace

CAIR whipped the credulous into a frenzy when it thought this
California woman’s murder was an example of “Islamophobia”.
After realizing that she is likely another victim of a Muslim honor
killing, the organization has dropped her cause like a hot potato.

2012.04.05 (Sumisip, Philippines) – Four people at an agriculture co-op lose their lives to an Abu Sayyaf attack.

2012.04.05 (Karachi, Pakistan) – A Tehrik-e-Taliban suicide car bomber takes out four Pakistanis.

2012.04.04 (Kirkuk, Iraq) – A 16-year-old boy is beaten and strangled on suspicion of being homosexual.

2012.04.04 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – Islamic radicals fire on Christian traders at a market, killing at least seven.

2012.04.04 (Maimanah, Afghanistan) – At least twelve people at a park are dismantled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.

2012.04.04 (Mogadishu, Somalia) – A Shahid suicide bomber detonates in a theater, killing at least ten innocents.

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