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Liberals’ Trayvon Martin Deception Exposed

April 4, 2012

Via The Ulsterman Report

A newly published Daily Caller report uncovers another Twitter account for the Florida youth shot by a Hispanic man two months ago whose death is now being used as racist propaganda by the likes of Al Sharpton and others.  Democrats – including Barack Obama, and their mainstream media counterparts did an all-in rush to judgement, using old photographs of Trayvon Martin in an attempt to depict him as an innocent youth.  What then of this photo showing a glowering and tatooed Martin flipping off the camera and declaring someone should be shot? 

<strong>Trayvon Martin on Twitter, 2011</strong>: This image is the photograph the late Trayvon Martin used to represent his Twitter identity in late 2011, under the screen name “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3.” Although the Twitter account was deleted, The Daily Caller retrieved it from the social analytics website PeopleBrowsr. The upper-arm tattoo in the image matches one in a close-up photograph on Martin’s MySpace page. (Image: Twitter)

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