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AOL and Huffpost (news skewed)

April 4, 2012

AOL must not understand that people are growing very weary of the BS coming from the left. They should drop Huffpo like a bad habit.

Case in point: Huffpo reports;

Reality TV Star Shoots Man Taking Nap

A Florida man says he was sleeping in his car when suddenly a reality TV actress and other police officers opened fire on him.


What REALLY happened:

The deputies said they fired after the vehicle accelerated in an aggressive manner toward them. Although Penoyer Tianga was struck in the leg by the Toyota and knocked into a parked vehicle, she did not sustain serious injuries, according to agency spokeswoman Dani Moschella.

However, Johnson told the Sun-Sentinel that the bullets started flying before he fled.

“They didn’t order me out of the car,” Johnson told the paper. “As soon as [Penoyer Tianga] shot through the windshield and popped me in my mouth, I figured I didn’t have to stay there no more anyways. I put the thing in reverse and went over the speed bump and then I drove off with my head down. That’s when the glass started popping everywhere.”


Why do the libs always side with those doing wrong?

Ah well..  Maybe Ariana Huffington will have a shot at replacing the whack-job Olbermann on Current TV.




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