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Dems To Ban ‘Occupy’ From 2012 DNC

December 9, 2011

Well that’s kinda shitty of the Dems to do that…

Via New York

In John Heilemann’s cover story “2012=1968?,” he wonders whether Occupy Wall Street protesters will do to Charlotte’s Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2012 what demonstrators did to the Chicago DNC in 1968. The North Carolina city, sometimes called the “Wall Street of the South,” is not taking any chances, and is already working to pass an ordinance that would make occupying downtown spaces with tents a “public nuisance,” in addition to banning “noxious substances,” padlocks, and other camping equipment. The fact that it would knock out the city’s current overnight demonstrators is an added bonus.

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I thought Occupy was Friends with the Dems!  



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