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Sen. Boxer to climate-change deniers: ‘You are endangering humankind’

December 7, 2011

Via The Hill

Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) blasted skeptics of climate science Wednesday, alleging they are “endangering humankind.”

“The message I have for climate deniers is this: you are endangering humankind,” Boxer said during a press conference in the Capitol. “It is time for climate deniers to face reality, because the body of evidence is overwhelming and the world’s leading scientists agree.”

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Earth to Barbara Boxer (D-elusional): You are endangering reality.

It’s time for you to give up the fantasy world you are in and realize that climate change is Not Man made, but rather part of Earths natural cycle.

The whole Climategate scandal proves that the leading scientists you are referring to are part of the scandal that is trying to hype up global warming as being mans fault so that Al Gore and his buddies can make $Billions pushing his agenda which is only helping to bankrupt America.

Read all about the Climategate scandal and fraud Here




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