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Arrests of Illegal Aliens at Lowest Point since 1970s

December 5, 2011

Via Washington Post

MEXICALI, Mexico — Arrests of illegal migrants trying to cross the southern U.S. border have plummeted to levels not seen since the early 1970s, according to tallies released by the Department of Homeland Security last week, a historic shift that could reshape the debate over immigration reform.

The Border Patrol apprehended 327,577 illegal crossers along the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2011, which ended Sept. 30, numbers not seen since Richard Nixon was president, and a precipitous drop from the peak in 2000, when 1.6 million unauthorized migrants were caught. More than 90 percent of the migrants apprehended on the southwest border are Mexican.

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Obama can’t have Illegal Aliens arrested. He needs them for votes.


Look how CBS spins it…

~(CBS News) According to a new study, the sluggish U.S. economy has sharply reduced illegal immigration from Mexico. From a high of 1,600,000 arrests in 2000, the Border Patrol last year arrested 327,000 – a low not seen since the early 1970s.~


What a crock. The Illegal Aliens are still coming into the U.S., Obama just isn’t having them arrested.



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