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Definitely An Occupier…

December 4, 2011


Demonstrators with Occupy Wall Street began a hunger strike today, demanding an outdoor space by a New York City church for a new occupation two weeks after being evicted from their encampment nearby.

Protesters said they are seeking sanctuary on a vacant lot owned by Trinity Church, which is located at the intersection of Wall Street and Broadway.

“The is a chance for Trinity to definitely decide whether they’re a church or real estate company,” protester Diego Ibanez said.

“Definitely cold, it’s getting a lot colder lately, but I’m wearing a bunch of layers, that’s like for sure,” he said.

“We’re definitely going to call for more people to join us  throughout the week, with solidarity hunger strikes,” Ibanez said.

“I am definitely worried about being hungry and being sick, that’s definitely crossing my mind but I am more worried about people being apathetic,” Ibanez said.





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