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Canada May Exit Kyoto Protocol (and save $6.7 Billion)

December 3, 2011

Via Bloomberg

Canada, the country furthest from meeting its commitment to cut carbon emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, may save as much as $6.7 billion by exiting the global climate change agreement and not paying for offset credits.



Human Events

Obama’s Job-Killing Global-Warming Agenda Continues Under the Radar

With little attention and fanfare, the United Nations kicked off its latest global-warming conference – this time in Durban, South Africa. Their mission:  to extend the Kyoto Protocol.  But as Bloomberg reports, Japan, Russia and Canada will not renew their commitments, and, of course, the United States will never sign on without commitments from China and India.  The Kyoto process is essentially dead– and even President Obama is acknowledging it, much to the chagrin of his left-wing environmental base.

The troubling question therefore is why is President Obama still determined to implement extremely expensive, job-killing domestic global-warming regulations through hisEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA), especially as we struggle with a weak economy?  Even Lisa Jackson, the head of the Obama EPA has admitted that the United States acting alone would have no impact on the climate.  Now with the complete collapse of the Kyoto process, there is no question that Obama’s global-warming regulations would be all pain for no climate gain.



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