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Senate vote sets up fight over terrorism detainees

November 30, 2011

Via L A Times

Legislation would require certain suspects to be held in military custody. Disregarding a veto threat from President Obama, senators reject a plan to shelve the provisions.

Reporting from Washington— President Obama and Congress are on a collision course over legislation that essentially would require certain terrorism suspects to be held in military custody, and a veto threat appeared to have no effect.

The White House argues that such a law would limit flexibility in handling cases and erect walls between law enforcement agencies that authorities have been trying to dismantle since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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Not for nothing…  But a lot of time and money could have been saved with the cost of a single bullet in the field.

Rule of war #1: Kill the enemy.

Rule of war #2: There is no rule #2.



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