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Occupy Movements Across The Country Being Dispersed (finally)

November 30, 2011


Cops move to clear Occupy LA, Philly camps


Occupy Oakland is being cleared out as well.

Now some of the areas can be douched out again. (At the cost of the taxpayers)

Last reports said it was over $20 Million. I’m sure that figure will reach even higher after today.

Thanks alot occupiers.



A message from Bobby Blue

Hey wall street occupiers, don’t be fooled into becoming useful idiots and giving away your Freedoms and Rights without even knowing it! All that you are will be left with is tyranny and subversion, an attempt to transform the social order, it’s structure of power, authority, and high hierarchy. People like Van Jones, George Soros, the Union Leader thugs and the President are all behind this! – Do yourself a favor – Google Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – this formula is being used on you!! learn who is behind the curtain calling the shots! Don’t follow Lenin’s formula – organizing a socialistic economy. Communism created by Karl Marx – a person who never had a job – just like everyone on the radical left (The president & his community organizer ilk) Socialism is a gentler version of communism, redistribution of wealth through entitlement programs, it always ends in disaster! Too much government regulation, corruption & taxation to collapse the system.



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