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Climategate Round 2

November 28, 2011

Via The Ulsterman Report

ClimateGate Round 2 – More False Science Revealed

In 2009 a collection of hacked emails from the East Anglia Climate Research Center revealed the inherent and quite persistent bias among many of the leading scientists who have been promoting the man-made global warming theory for decades.  Those same hackers are now releasing yet another collection of emails showing further evidence of false science having long ago given way to ideological promotion.

What is different this time is that the hackers, clearly in an attempt to simplify the process of wading through the thousands of emails that were dumped in 2009, have effectively organized the document dump this time around, and even emphasized some of the more notable and damning quotes from scientists that prove once again, at least among some within the climate studies community,  that climate science is far more about an agenda than it is about deliberate and factual study of data.  Several scientists whose emails are part of the “ClimateGate 2″ release have already confirmed the emails are in fact legitimate.  The just released communications go so far as to show agenda collusion between climate scientists and such groups as the BBC and the World Bank – and perhaps even between China and President Barack Obama.

The man-made global warming skeptic site “Watts Up With That” has understandably dedicated a great deal of space to sharing the many interesting and damning emails with its readers.  Please go check it out – the false science that has been placed upon society and continues to be taught in our public schools should rank among the greatest scandals in human history.


ClimateGate 2.0







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