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Obama Backs Arab Spring (and the Muslim Brotherhood)

November 27, 2011

The Middle East is being swept by the Arab Spring, which protesters there hope will help bring them more freedoms.

Barack Obama fully supports this.

But from what I am seeing, things will only get worse.

RABAT, Morocco –  Morocco’s Interior Ministry says an Islamist party has won the most seats in parliamentary elections and is set to lead the next government.

Announcing final results Sunday, the ministry said the Justice and Development Party has taken 107 seats in the 395-seat legislature following the nationwide vote two days earlier.

The PJD — known by its French initials — is the latest Islamist party to win an election brought about by the Arab Spring. The right-of-center Istiqlal, a potential ally for the PJD, placed second with 60 seats.

Morocco has been swept by pro-democracy protests decrying lack of freedoms and widespread corruption. King Mohammed VI sought to defuse tensions by ordering a constitutional reform that gives parliament more power and moving up legislative elections by a year.


The Arab protesters are wanting more freedom. How will installing another Islamist party to rule, bring more freedom? Islam is not a very tolerant religion

And it’s happening all over the Middle East….

And the Muslim Brotherhood has an ominous role in the whole mess.

Muslim Brotherhood Riding the Crest of Arab Spring


Obama Supports Muslim Brotherhood Takeover of Syria 




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