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Jesse Jackson on the White House Shooter

November 27, 2011

Via Gunny G


(HARSH LANGUAGE ALERT) (Friday edition out early)

After a nutjob shoots at the White House, Jesse Jackson served up a heaping helping of liberal stupidity with an OpEd piece that should have gone no further than the sh*tcan vice being published. In fact, it was so full of errors, it is a wonder that it DID get published but then again, FACT CHECKING in today’s Liberal Lapdog Media is about as effectively as a condom with the tip cut off.

EXCERPT: “Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was arrested in connection with what prosecutors describe as a drive-by shooting in which a semiautomatic weapon was used to fire nine bullets into the White House’s back balcony — where President Barack Obama sometimes strolls on a break. This should get more attention than a passing headline. Authorities say Ortega-Hernandez drove his Honda to a road about 800 yards from the White House, stopped, and unleashed a volley from a Romanian-made semiautomatic rifle with a “large scope.” The FBI located “several confirmed bullet impact points” on the south side of the White House where the first family’s residential quarters are located.”

The serial race pimp and career shakedown artist goes on to spread liberal lies like butter on bread.

Race Pimp: “It is time to revive the ban on assault weapons, and look once more at the level of gun violence in this country. Under a federal assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004, there was a 60 percent drop in assault-weapon deaths.”

FACT: “There was not ONE prosecution under the assault weapons ban. It was utter failure.  The FBI’s own stats, available at the BoJ site, show a 60% drop in murder during this period. Not to mention that DURING the assault weapon ban, the White House was shot at by a nut with an “assault-weapon.”

Race Pimp: “We need to enforce universal background checks on every gun transfer and prohibit all violent criminals from possessing firearms.”

Quite clearly the Race Pimp is unhinged at this point.

FACT: EVERY gun buy from a dealer involves an NCIS background check that the gun buyer PAYS for! The Gunny recently bought an auto-shottie and had to produce TWO forms of photo ID and go through the NCIS background check, and this at the PX! In fact, EVERY weapon the Gunny has purchased, whether in a store or a gun show, he had to GO THROUGH THE BACKGROUND check with VALID photo ID.

Race Pimp: “Nearly 30,000 people a year die as a result of gun violence in the United States. About 100,000 a year are injured and require medical treatment and hospitalization that contributes to our public-health crisis.”

FACT: Quite simply, BULLSHIT! Much of the gun violence in America is the result of GANG VIOLENCE and the Gunny wonders how many of the ATF guns have ended up in the hands of the gangs in America, thanks to Operation Fast and Furious. Oddly enough, the Race Pimp isn’t calling for the impeachment of Obama or Holder. Also, it must be noted that the Race Pimp used a Brady talking point here because many of those deaths are SUICIDES! In fact, MORE people die in automobile accidents but the Race Pimp ain’t whining about that.

Race Pimp: “Fifty-caliber sniper rifles and firearms that combine long range, accuracy and massive firepower are not used for hunting animals — they are military weapons used to hunt people. These weapons can damage large targets, penetrate structures and bring down airplanes.”

FACT: The Race Pimp has uttered the same bullshit that MILCON scandalizer Dianne Feinstein uttered about the .50cal. Damage large targets? Did the Race Pimp mean lardasses like Michael Mooreon or Rosie O’Lardass? Well then, yes. Penetrate structures? Hell, ANY center fire big bore rifle can penetrate a structure. Bring down an airplane? This is the same bullshit that MILCON Feinstein tried to use and she was utterly and totally disproved. The .50cal was designed for long-range civilian marksmanship and competition.

Race Pimp: “We created the Department of Homeland Security and are spending tens of billions of dollars to counter the threat of terrorists. And then states and Congress act to loosen our gun-control laws and open up sale of assault weapons. The House has just voted to override state laws, making it legal to carry a concealed weapon from states that allow them into states that outlaw them.”

FACT: EVERY state with a carry concealed permit or “shall-issue” has had crime PLUMMET! (EX: Virginia 1995, passes “Shall-Issue” and crime dropped 45% almost overnight) All one need to do is look at the Race Pimp’s city of Shitcago, where his corruptocrat son is, to see the effects of a gun ban, with rampant crime, flash mobs, shooting and widespread assaults and murders. Also a HUGE liberal bias here that gun owners are terrorists. F*ck You Jesse.

Race Pimp: “Last year, FBI crime reports show that 8,775 out of 12,996 total murders in the U.S. were committed using firearms. The U.S. experiences about three times the level of gun violence as a country like Great Britain.”

FACT: Gun crimes in the complete gun banned nation of the UK shows gun crimes are UP 89% in a decade! The Gunny guesses that the criminals never got the word to turn in their weapons. This does not cover the skyrocketing rise of violent crimes in the UK against unarmed citizens. (“The latest Government figures show that the total number of firearm offences in England and Wales has increased from 5,209 in 1998/99 to 9,865 last year (2009) – a rise of 89 per cent.”)

Race Pimp: “For the first time, a majority of Americans are against a ban on assault rifles and semiautomatics.”

FACT: Complete and total bullshit. A Zogby poll in 2009 asked: “Currently, 39 states have laws that allow residents to carry firearms to protect themselves, only if they pass a background check and pay a fee to cover administrative costs. Most of those states also require applicants to have firearms safety training. Do you support or oppose this law?” 83% Supported the Shall-Issue/Concealed Carry. If Americans are so against guns, as the Race Pimp claims, then why have guns been flying off of the shelves since the Kenyan Usurper was elected?

Race Pimp: “But we’ve come to the point where a mentally unstable person is strafing the White House with a semiautomatic assault weapon. That should startle every citizen. None of us is safe in a nation where assault weapons are readily available. We don’t need to wait for another leader to be shot.”

FACT: Assault weapons don’t grow on trees and are NOT readily available UNLESS you are part of the Mexican drug cartels that the ATF, Obama, Holder, Janet Incompetano, etc, “walked” them to.

The Race Pimp proves himself to be just another full of shit liberal asswipe with an agenda to disarm the public so elite vermin like himself can lord it over us. Maybe the Race Pimp should concern himself with his love children, mistresses, missing funds from the Rainbow Coalition, and his sexual harassment of gays problems and leave the decision to “keep and bear arms” to liberty loving Americans who decide that THEY want to own a firearm under the protection of the Second Amendment. The Race Pimp’s weak-assed Appeal to Emotions is about as effective as his praying with BJ Bubba Klintoon to stop his (their) sexual antics.

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