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Useful Idiots

November 26, 2011

I hope everyone remembers come 2012 that it’s the democrats that are backing these #occupy movements, which are wreaking havoc on the economy at the worst possible time.

Via Human Events

The Occupy movement continued its outreach program of thuggery, harassment and intimidation on Black Friday.


At least one group of occupiers handed out “cum-sumer whores” fliers to Wal-Mart shoppers. Meanwhile, the San Diego occupiers stormed into a Wal-Mart, filled 75 carts with merchandise, disrupted shoppers by chanting their nonsense for several minutes at the cash registers, then fled the store leaving behind 75 full carts for the employees to put away.

Via Free Republic:

Do They really think this thuggery is going to persuade people to join them?


Here’s more on the incident:

Approximately 75 people met up this morning at a transit center with the knowledge of flash mob that will happen and nothing else. I was a little apprehensive being that I didn’t know how we could incoroprate dancing into the 99% movement, nor having much ability to dance.

Their idea on the flash mob was that we’d all enter Walmart inconspicuously and shop for 30 minutes, filling up our carts as much as possible. Then we’d meet at the front to check out and the first person to get up to a checker calls asks the cashier to page their child (Michael Check) to the checkstand cause they’re ready to leave, and then right after the page: MIC CHECK! Citizens of Walmart!! Greetings and welcome back from the food coma!! In the spirit of holiday giving, we believe a discussion is in order about the meaning of value and low cost. For every low-priced product purchased at Walmart, your communities pay the difference. Every price drop represents mistreated workers who STILL cannot feed their families, STILL cannot afford their homes, and STILL cannot payoff their tuitions. Every sweet deal can be attributed to our jobs being outsourced from American communities. Each item on sale helps bankrupt small businesses. YOU, YOUR COMMUNITIES, AND YOUR WORKERS ARE BEING ABUSED!!

Walmart intentionally underemploys, forgoing REAL benefits for social services, costing California taxpayers $86 million annually. Walmart employees are overworked, underpaid, and left under-insured in poor and unsafe conditions. Walmart could fire its employees for the mere mention of forming a workers union; which is the best tool American workers have to protect their rights. Corporate beasts such as this one bleed our communities dry by putting the local business owners, who actually have personal stake in your communities, at a disadvantage against these gluttonous juggernauts. Yet they have the nerve to tell you it’s for your benefit. WE DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THE SCAM!! WE DO NOT HAVE TO BUY DOLLAR-COLLARS FOR OUR FAMILIES!! WE DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ANY OF THIS!! SELF-MADE GIFTS HAVE MORE POWER ANYWAY!! So this holiday season, give yourselves, your families, and your communities the gift of empowerment!! ACT LOCALLY!! SHOP SMALL BUSINESS!! BUY AMERICAN!! Thank you, Exit Safely, and remember to smile… After that there was applause as we all 75 left our carts and exited the disgusting, big box store. We received thumbs ups from employess, smiles from most, claps at the end, and when walking out the three cops there smiled at us as we walked past shouting, “We are the 99%, YOU are the 99%!” We did the same to a second Walmart and then had to call it a day since other activities were planned.

Video Here

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