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Liberalism Is A Disease

November 26, 2011

For Ben


Via Canada Free Press

Liberalism: The Incurable Disease?

Liberalism is a deadly cancer.  Those who suffer from its effects show no signs of common sense.  This cancer totally eats away at any reality the patient may have at one time maintained and devours the immune system, thus making the victim susceptible to all sorts of infectious ideas: Socialism; communism; Marxism; totalitarianism.

There are many who could be the poster child for this disease. Al Gore, John Kerry, Harry Reid, the late Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi all would be fitting icons for this terrible epidemic. But one face is becoming synonymous with Liberalism so much so that even the Old Media is catching onto its deadly warning signs: The disease himself, Barack Obama.

America has been stricken with this huge tumor growing out of the White House, spreading through the congress, to our court systems, and infecting everything from our national defense policies to the relationships with our most trusted allies. As our Bill of Rights takes a turn for the worst under the current administration, Americans are desperately searching for a cure. They have turned to consuming vast quantities of tea, they have opted to try cutting out the tumors by gearing up for a major operation this November. Grass roots seem to have a soothing effect on the pain inflicted by this dreaded killer.

As your trusted physician (before I am forced to work at McDonald’s due to the horrendous coming of Obamacare) let me recommend a little tonic for fending off this illness. First, if you are a patriot, understand that the word patriot is more than a noun—it’s a VERB. I prescribe serious exercise.  Write, call, or visit your local congressman and tell him to defend the Constitution.  Threaten him (or her) with political extinction if he doesn’t respond.  Then make sure you’re registered to vote. Get online and support conservative leaders and ideals with your money or prayers or both. Get busy and get madder than the Hell from which this cancer has spread.

Whatever you do—don’t despair. America from time to time has been under attack from within and made a recovery. But it will take millions of like minded people—people of courage, common sense, God fearing folks, lovers of liberty, respecters of the Constitution, proud of our military, who will overcome this cancer and not just experience remission—but a certain cure.

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