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Obama: “I don’t need another tax cut.”

April 17, 2011

Obama: ‘I don’t need another tax cut … Warren Buffett doesn’t need another tax cut’

Well no shyt Sherlock…

Barack Obama you are a misleader if there ever was one.  With all the kickbacks you get, you SURELY don’t need any tax cuts!

You get: about a half a $Million a year, (after you leave office you will get about 300k a year), between 50k and 100k a month in petty cash, Air Force One and Marine One and Limos for whatever you need whenever you need, all your food is free including about 24 chefs to whip it up for you, Secret Service to protect you and a place to get away from it all (Camp David) when you want to.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

So don’t preach to us about ‘not needing a tax cut’….

Now, when you hammer the big money makers with taxes, watch them run for cover and leave all the little guys jobless and standing in bread lines.

Are you doing this on purpose Barry? Or are you REALLY THAT STUPID???

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