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More Liberal Hypocrisy

April 9, 2011


Via LifeNews

Rep. Louise Slaughter, a New York Democrat, compared Republican efforts to revoke taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion business to actions taken by the Nazi regime in Germany during World War II.

More here.



Wow…  Just…  WOW!

Is this woman serious?

Louise Slaughter is Pro-Abortion, yet she has the Audacity to point the finger at others…


Louise, your last name is fitting.  Slaughter is exactly what you promote.


Do you know what ‘Partial Birth Abortion’ is, Louise?

Because that is what you are promoting…

Let me clue you in Louise Slaughter.

This is what happens….







That baby’s brain just got sucked out of it’s skull Louise….

YOU promote that, Louise Slaughter.


You are an accomplice to murder, Louise Slaughter…  And so is your buddy Barack Obama, who is Totally Pro Abortion as well.

And don’t give me that crap about the mothers life being in danger. With todays technology, babies can be safely delivered no matter what the issue.  Even if the baby didn’t make it, at least it would have had a chance.

Your argument against Republicans is straight out of Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’.

Now go run your line of BS on someone else.




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