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Obama: The Enemy’s Hope.

April 1, 2011

Via NewsRealBlog

Barack Hussein Obama is the only former Muslim I know of who has nothing but good things to say about Islam, but he waited only until after he became president to speak about his Muslim heritage openly, and he accordingly did so in the first televised interview he gave as president for the Muslim/Arab TV station, Al Aribiyya.

If he only felt about America the way he feels about Islam.

But he doesn’t, and so he constantly puts our interests below the interests of our enemy. His latest tribute to Islam is his siding with “the rebels” in Libya, “rebels” who are linked to Al Qaeda. Under Obama, the Muslim world is becoming more Islamic and the enemy is becoming more emboldened, as if it’s his job to make it so. Barack Hussein Obama, a man in love with all things Islam, has given our enemy great reason to believe that they can actually achieve their goals, and do so sooner than they even dreamed of. The enemy understands that the one man in all the world who is supposed to be their worst enemy is actually their greatest hope.

More here.


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