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Media Matters holding ‘boot camp’ on ‘How To Lie’.

March 23, 2011

Via The Washington Post

Over four grueling days, Harvard-honed instructors drilled a dozen softie policy wonks, molding them into an elite unit of smiling, succinct and well-coiffed talking heads.

Media Matters selected the coterie of attractive, articulate participants from 100 applicants, the largest pool so far. All in mid-career, the class included liberal think tank directors, former Capitol Hill staffers and presidential campaign aides, a pollster, a university professor, a combat veteran and contestants from both “American Idol” and “The Apprentice.”

Since its inception in August 2009, the Progressive Talent Initiative, or PTI, has trained nearly 100 pundits who have appeared 800 times on television and radio.

More here.


So THAT’S where the wide eyed, smiling idiots that spew Liberal BS on some of the news channels come from!  lmao!  I thought they looked like robots, and I guess I wasn’t far off in my assessment of them.

Maybe they will train them to speak without teleprompters…

Remember when Obama’s teleprompter quit on him?

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