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Bloviating Ben spews….

March 20, 2011


Wow…  How did I know that Ben would chime in…lol

Ben commented on my last post, which was a question for the left, with this;

“You’re dumb as a rock, as are most, if not all right-wing sheep.”


Aw C’mon Ben!  lol

Not only did you NOT answer the question, but you also just showed everyone your inability to have a civil discussion.  Typical of you leftists.  Is that really it Ben???  That’s all you have??

No wonder you Liberals are becoming an extinct species.

And that is exactly why I won’t post your comment in the comments section. Because it would link others to your blog, and people might read your mindless blather, and end up losing some brain cells. Not to mention that your blog is a Rip Off of a very popular news blog.

Ben, you are a fake and a fraud. Akin to most of your liberal friends.


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