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A question for the Left.

March 20, 2011


So…   President Bush took us into Iraq, after our World trade Center was attacked and thousands of Americans were murdered. His intel was based on information left him by the Clinton administration.  Which, by the way, if Clinton had of captured or killed bin Laden when he had the chance, we might not have had to deal with that whole mess in the first place.

But the Left demonized Bush and called him a war criminal, accusing him of starting an ‘illegal war’. Even though everyone knew that Saddam was an evil person that needed to be stopped. And yes folks, there WERE WMD’s.

My question for the Left is this; ‘Will you be calling Obama a war criminal and going after him, (like you went after Bush) for taking us into Libya?’

And please, before any 9-11 conspiracy theorists chime in with your BS, educate yourselves first.

Popular Mechanics~Debunking the 9-11 myths.


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