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Can you say Hypocrite?

March 13, 2011

The hypocrisy is simply astounding…

All the fuss from the main-stream media about Tea Party activists being a ‘danger’ to society. Warning of how they would cause violence in the streets.

Tea Party Protesters March on Washington – ABC News

Raw Video: Tempers Flare at Tea Party Protest | NBC San Diego

The main-stream media also made a big deal about the Town Hall meetings and cringed at the sight of a few retirees voicing their dislike for Obamacare.

FROM CNN’s Jack Cafferty:

The protests at town hall meetings on health care reform continue to get louder and more violent.


CBS News Anchor Katie Couric Blames ‘Fear and…Ignorance’ for Town Hall Protests



But when the Left starts making death threats to Republicans, you don’t hear much from the main-stream media and mostly hear about it from FOX, and a few other conservative websites…

From FOX: Bill O’Reilly: Death Threats in Wisconsin

From FOX: Fear, Loathing and Death Threats in Wisconsin

From Newsmax: Wisconsin Republicans Receive Death Threats

From ABC:  ~crickets~

From CBS: ~crickets~

From NBC: ~crickets~

From NewsBusters: CBS’s Early Show and NBC’s Today on Tuesday ignored the arrest of a man who was plotting to kill Republican Congressman Eric Cantor. ABC’s Good Morning America mentioned the story only in a news brief in the 8am hour. Last week, however, GMA highlighted threats against Democrats and worried about “angry talk” from Sarah Palin.

The Early Show may have ignored the story of Norman Leboon and the violent, profanity-laced rants he posted online about the “evil” Cantor, but the same show on Tuesday did note the guilty plea of a man who threatened Barack Obama. (in 2008)

Hey Nancy Pelosi..   When those old people got a little loud at the town hall meetings, you were so scared of unrest that you were spouting tears.

So where are you now??    You friggin’ Fake…

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