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Dirty Politics, courtesy of the Democrats.

February 18, 2011

Via The New York Times

Democrats Missing, Wisconsin Vote on Cuts Is Delayed
MADISON, Wis. — The fury among thousands of workers, students and union supporters rose to a boil on Thursday, as state lawmakers prepared to vote on landmark legislation that would slash collective bargaining rights for public workers. Protesters blocked a door to the Senate chambers. They sat down, body against body, filling a corridor. They chanted “Freedom, democracy, unions!” in the stately gallery as the senators convened.

Then the surprising drama in Madison this week added a new twist: the Democrats disappeared.

That left Republicans, who control the Capitol and had expected to push through the bill, in limbo. Although Republicans control the State Senate by 19 to 14, 20 senators — and thus, at least a single Democrat — must be in the room to call a vote on such fiscal matters.

“It’s disgraceful that people who are paid to be here have decided to skip town,” Senator Michael Ellis, the Senate president, said shortly after the roll was called. Said another Republican leader, Senator Scott Fitzgerald, “This is the ultimate shutdown.”

More here.


Yeah…  Reminds me of the time Nancy Pelosi shut the lights out on the Republicans when they wanted to vote on drilling for oil. I mentioned That Fiasco in this post: What Happened, you ask?

Is it just me? Or does it seem like Liberal Dems mostly choose to act like bratty little children that kick and scream when they don’t get their way, and then the Republicans have to come behind them in the parental role and clean up the messes they’ve left in their wake…

And of course Obama encourages these fits of rage, but whines like a little girl if anyone even looks at him funny.

The hypocrisy of the left is astonishing….

It wasn’t long ago that the left were screaming about how the right was going overboard with the rhetoric…

Take a gander at some of the signs the left touted recently..









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  1. Freedom, by the way permalink
    February 19, 2011 12:11 am

    Very apt description of the Dems who skipped town. I thought they were acting like spoiled children, as well.

    It’s the “community organizer” in Obama coming out. He just can’t help but get involved in a state issue where his administration is not needed or wanted.

  2. digitalvoyage permalink*
    February 19, 2011 4:12 am

    I concur ‘Freedom, by the way’, and I am glad to see more Americans waking up to, and speaking out against the left’s attempt to turn us into a third world country.

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