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Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace

February 11, 2011


From The Religion Of Peace


2011.02.09 (Makhachkala, Dagestan) – Two policemen are gunned down in cold blood by suspected Islamic ‘rebels’.

2011.02.09 (Charsadda, Pakistan) – A civilian at a cattle market is killed by a remote-controlled bomb.

2011.02.09 (Kirkuk, Iraq) – Three car bombs leave at least eleven Iraqis dead.

2011.02.10 (Dujail, Iraq) – Six Shia pilgrims on foot, mostly women and children, are brutally blown to bits by Sunni car bombers

2011.02.10 (Mardan, Pakistan) – A teenage suicide bomber dressed as a schoolboy ‘gives his life to Islam’ – and takes thirty-one others with him.

2011.02.10 (Kunduz, Afghanistan) – Seven people lose their lives to a Shahid suicide bomber.

More here.

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