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A Typical Liberal Spews….

February 9, 2011

Just got a comment from someone about a recent post.

Instead of attacking the issue, Michiganmitch decided to attack me with this;  “Checking out your Bloglog, You have a lot of nerve calling Gore stupid. You are just another lying, punkass KKKonservative.


Wow Mitch…  You really put me in my place didn’t you?  Ashamed005

Maybe Al Gore isn’t so stupid after all…  I mean he was smart enough to dupe a lot of people into buying into the whole ‘Global Warming is caused by Mankind ‘ BS, wasn’t he?

Hey Mitch, did you know that Al Gore invested $Millions, to make $Billions off Cap and Trade software?

Did you also know that Global Warming has been going on since the beginning of time? The Earth heats up, then it cools off. It’s been doing that for approximately 4.5 Billion years. WAY before mankind showed up on the scene. The effect mankind has on it is minimal and we won’t ever completely stop it, and if we were able to stop it, we might effect irreversible changes on this planet that could really screw things up.

Now Mitch…  Until you have something intelligent to add to the conversation…



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