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Obama and chickens…

February 2, 2011

Obama spoke last night on the situation in Egypt… As usual, he blathered on, without much substance in what he had to say. As usual, I was sufficiently unimpressed. That clown is going to end up losing any credibility we in the U.S. have in the middle east. I wonder if he is whistling past the graveyard or if he is actually trying to hand America over to Islam. He has already pretty much abandoned Israel…

Muslim B'hood: 'Prepare for war with Israel'... 

Netanyahu fears Islamist takeover...

Speaking of Islam…  The latest from the ‘Religion of peace’..

2011.02.01 (Yala, Thailand) – Two Buddhist children, ages 7 and 15, are kidnapped and shot to death by Religion of Peace separatists.

2011.02.01 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – Islamic gunmen murder a police officer and critically injure his young daughter.

2011.01.31 (Baghdad, Iraq) – An engineer is shot to death by Mujahideen.

2011.01.31 (Sopore, India) – Two teenage daughters of a poor laborer are pulled out of their home and brutally executed by Lashkar-e-Toiba.

2011.01.31 (Nazran, Ingushetia) – Islamic snipers shoot an administration official to death in his car near a market.

2011.01.31 (Peshawar, Pakistan) – Five people are torn to shreds by a suicide bomber on foot.

I am seeing some of the mainstream media complaining about Chick fil A and how they have ties to far right Christian groups because they donated free lunches to an anti-gay marriage conference in Pennsylvania. They say Chick fil A supports bigotry and hate.  All the while, the mainstream media completely ignore any groups that have ties to Radical Islam, which support Sharia law. If you haven’t read up on Sharia law, you should….

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: Why Sharia Is An Evil Abomination

Personally, I am not a religious person, nor do I care if someone is gay or straight. All the mainstream media did by bashing Chick fil A (at least in My humble opinion) was remind me of Chick fil A and the fact that I haven’t had one of their sandwiches in quite some time. I think I will go find one for lunch.

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